Casino de Monte Carlo

Everyone should play roulette in Casino de Monte Carlo as the spiritual home of roulette. Think about a casino in your head right now and it’ll probably involve the famous spinning wheel.

The game of roulette originated in the 17th century.  Two brothers were responsible for bringing it to Monte Carlo. This took place at a time when Europe had banned casino games. If you plan to play roulette in Casino de Monte Carlo make sure you check out their American and European roulette. Plus there is also Blackjack, Baccarat, Texas hold ’em poker and trente et quarante available in the main gaming room. Salle Europe. In the other rooms, Salles Renaissance and Amérique, are the slot machines.

King Charles III of Monaco, however, had decided against this especially with Monaco on the verge of economic ruin.

Located on the French Riviera Monaco hosts the Formula One car race, the Tennis masters competition but its gambling which is arguably most synonymous with the region.

The European Poker Tour Grand Final is hosted here and the casino has featured in many big films. You may recognise it from the James Bond movies Never Say Never Again and GoldenEye. To Catch A Thief was also set in Monte Carlo and within the casino.


The Casino de Monte Carlo

To play roulette in Monte Carlo at The Casino de Monte-Carlo is possibly the most iconic and prestigious ways to play roulette in Europe if not the world. Famous for its glamorous settings and its range of table games but especially roulette. For any roulette aficionado, this venue is an absolute must-visit destination.

The history of Monaco is intertwined with the casino itself. The casino is owned by the Société des Bains de Mer de Monaco, a public company which include the Monaco government and the royal family as major shareholders.

Princess Caroline, the wife of Prince Florestan, first came up with the idea of creating a casino to help finance the Grimaldi royal family during a difficult economic period. It was then Florestan’s son Charles, who in 1854, was next in line to become Prince of Monaco, opened a spa, a casino and luxury villas. The casino finally opened in 1856.

The casino struggled initially due to its location but by the end of the 19th Century, it had really started to become popular. To this day it remains a crucial source of income for Monaco and also the Grimaldis.

There are many legends surrounding the casino, particularly with regard to its roulette tables. In 1873, Joseph Jagger made a fortune there when he spotted a bias on one of the casino’s roulette wheels. More recently three men from the UK carried out a scam by swapping chips bought outside that were worth €10 for €1000 casino chips eventually managing to steal $3.7 million before being caught.


Gambler’s Fallacy

The Casino is also famous for an incredible long streak of blacks on the roulette table. On the 18th August 1913, the ball fell into black numbers 26 times in a row. As the streak went on gamblers lost millions placing bets on red numbers thinking that their odds were better due to the length of the run. This became known as gambler’s fallacy, where people think that the odds are higher for the other colour to land next as it hasn’t occurred for so long.

To gamble here ensure you visit after 2 pm when the strict over-18s-only admission rule kicks in.

Frequent clients and members of the casino have exclusive access to the salons prives where all same games but in a more exclusive setting. There are also salons super-privés where the real pros play. Tailor-made games are permitted within the rooms and there is no limit for betting.

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