The Strip

Roulette in Las Vegas

You’ll instantly recognize ‘The Strip’, when you’re exploring Las Vegas. This immensely popular street in the city is known officially as the Las Vegas Boulevard. Roulette in Las Vegas is abundant. Home to the globally renowned hotels and casinos, the Las Vegas Strip is also the world’s most photographed place. Before you enter The Strip, you’ll be welcomed with the ‘Welcome to Las Vegas’ sign.

Besides the hotels and casinos lined along this street, you’ll also come across some elegant shopping centres. The best time to explore The Strip is after sunset when it comes alive with awe-inspiring illuminations. You can enter one of the casino establishments in the area and play your favourite games.


Roulette in Las Vegas – A game of chance

Among the popular games is roulette, which is the quintessential game of gamblers. The rotating wheel and the bouncing ball of the roulette create great excitement among its players. Of course, you can play this game in one of the popular online casinos today. However, nothing can beat the ecstatic environment of a gambling hall housed in a glamorous casino on The Strip.

Roulette is a game of pure chance, but you can still have an edge by practised game selection. The seasoned roulette players know that this game has been watered down in modern casinos. Despite this, there are casinos on The Strip with the right ‘wheels’ that offer an Old World experience. Here we’ve listed some of the best places where one can enjoy some fantastic rounds of roulette.


  1. ARIA Resort and Casino

This charming resort and casino have an abundance of modern luxury. Everything is fabulous, right from the interiors to its delightful service. The roulette tables are no different! At these tables, a French wheel can be played for a certain amount of minimum bets. Lower-stakes folks can head to the double-zero American tables. Of course, there are some limits and a starting wager amount for them to get started.


  1. Mandalay Bay

A similar setup can be seen at Mandalay Bay, which has MGM Resorts as its parent company. ARIA and MGM Grand are also the subsidiaries of MGM Resorts. La Partage players would be pleased to find a pair of French wheels at the casino. It spins for a certain amount placed as limits.

Those looking for more cost-effective options can get to the American tables to play roulette in Las Vegas. There’s a certain limit on the American wheel, which benefits the casual players.


  1. Flamingo Las Vegas

The neon pink interiors of Flamingo can be enjoyed by players who can’t afford costly bets. Here, they can go for the wheels with the lowest limits. Here, the wheel is of the double-zero kind. If you wish to play with higher limits, there are about 10 tables reserved for such players.


  1. The Cromwell Hotel and Casino

This casino hotel is famous in the whole of Las Vegas for its craps tables. This relatively new gambling paradise doesn’t have La Partage. Nevertheless, there’s a European single-zero wheel, which can be played for a nominal amount. If you wish to play with an even lower limit, there are American double-zero wheels as well.


  1. Cosmopolitan

This casino establishment is perfect for roulette players who don’t like waiting. Here, you won’t find those crowded tables, as there are several wheels spinning 24/7. There are games being offered for minimum double-zero affairs. If you’re of the low-stakes kind, you’ll certainly find a table to take your shots. 

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